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Once Upon A Time – Chapter 3: Snow Enchantra

I’m writing this straight after Chapter 2, so I’ve not read any feedback yet. I’m having so much fun with this legacy, and the blog is really inspiring me to keep going.

I’ve played up to Snow’s birth.

Onto the chapter!


I was up early the next day due to my little princess… Pregnancy was such a strange feeling.

I knew I had to tell Robert right away, so proceeded with making waffles at 7am


But with it being my first time using the oven, I got the timings wrong, and managed to burn them.

I skipped breakfast.


Later, I called up Robert, after I knew he’d be done with work

“I’ll be right there!” he said to me. Always in a cheerful mood, probably still from last night.


I left the house, happy that I was engaged to such a wonderful man, but also worried he wasn’t ready. I had told him about the legacy, but still… I panicked.

‘Keep it cool Snow… you can do this.’ I thought to myself  ‘And if he leaves, so what?’


I arrived at the beach, for another date, and this time, Robert was early!

I walked up to him and greeted him “A new job I see?”

“Yeah, the fire-fighter thing wasn’t working out for me, I work in the military now!”

Turns out his lifetime wish is to be an astronaut. We’ll see how that plays out.


When I thought the moment was right, I told him.

“Robert I have something to tell you…”


“I’m pregnant”


“… Yes?”

“Snow, that’s wonderful news! We are finally starting this thing, huh?”

“Yes… Yes! I’m so glad you’re happy”

Screenshot-30 Screenshot-31

“Happy? Snow I’m thrilled to be starting a family with you, even if they grow up without me always there.”

“You will be though Robert, I will always make sure of it”


I knew he would make a great founding father. He spent the afternoon talking to the baby and feeling my tummy, before he got a call back into work.

As he walked off, he smiled, and before getting in his car jumped for joy, unaware I was looking.

I giggled.

Screenshot-35 Screenshot-36 Screenshot-37

I figured while I was at the beach, I would get to know a few people. Leaving myself with a total of 5 friends by the end of the day. Plus a fiancée and a niece. And yet, I still hadn’t met my soon to be sister-in-law.

It was getting late, so I hurried off home. ‘Another great day in the life of Snow!’ I thought to myself as I made my way home.


As I walked inside I realised how small my house was.

Seven children. That’s a lot of mouths to feed.

I still had a mere 450 simoleons to my name. It was time to start earning money… one way or another.

Once Upon A Time – Chapter 2: Snow Enchantra

Welcome to the second chapter of Once Upon A Time! I was so pleased with the feedback of the last chapter, and I’m super excited to share the story with you all!

Onto the chapter!


Robert invited me round the next day, he said he had a surprise for me. I soon found out he didn’t live alone but with his sister and niece. After a nice lunch and a queasy stomach, I spent some quality time with Penny.

Screenshot Screenshot-2

I have to admit, I’m pretty excited to do this seven times over. Penny is the sweetest toddler I know. I only hope my children are this nice…

Screenshot-7 Screenshot-5

Moments later, Robert took me down to the local Bistro for a romantic dinner for two. It was there we spent our third date, until he claimed he had more surprises. I was shocked, I was questioning pregnancy, but there was no way he could know that. I wondered whether he would pop the question, but quickly dismissed the idea. I wouldn’t be able to marry for years yet….

Did he love me enough?

Screenshot-8 Screenshot-9

He took me to a hotel, a quiet little place with not many people around. I received a beautiful bunch of flowers and then he went down on one knee.



“I’ve known you for long enough to know, that I wish to marry you… so… will you?”

“Robert, I will but…”

“We would be engaged for long I know, I can live with that. I just want to be in this relationship with you, to know that one day we will be wed.”


“Then YES!!” I exclaimed, the ring was beautiful.

“It was my mother’s, before she passed away” he told me. “She said to give it to the woman who warms your heart… and Snow you are that woman. I love you”

For the first time since our first date, he said those words.


With me gawking, utterly speechless, he stood up and hugged me as tears flowed down my face. If only I had a family to run home to exclaiming my engagement.


After a hectic day and an emotional time, we were soon kicked out. Apparently the place shuts at 3am, which is odd but that didn’t matter. I was the happiest girl in the world.

We exchanged a kiss, and I hurried off home, sleepy and tired.

Screenshot-15 Screenshot-16

I climbed into bed, but soon woke up.

I was pregnant, and it was Roberts. Finally, my legacy had started.

Once Upon A Time – Chapter 1: Snow Enchantra

Welcome to the Enchantra family legacy! This legacy is based on my own challenge I posted in the Sims 3 forums which can be found under the ‘About’ tab. Each generation is based on a Disney Princess, in this case the founder is Snow White and the legacy continues like so:

Cinderella, Tiana, Aurora, Elsa (or Anna), Rapunzel, Belle, Ariel, Jasmine, Merida (or Mulan)

At the moment, I’m undecided whether my Sims will have the Princess names or just names beginning with that letter (e.g Rapunzel’s heiress may have the name Rose). But for now, onto the legacy!

Chapter 1: Snow Enchantra


At the start of each generation I will list the rules for said generation. This is generation 1: Snow White.

– Must be female
– Must have 7 children (dwarfs)
– Each child must have one bad trait (e.g Mean Spirited) and no children may have the same traits
– Each child must have the same baby daddy
– Snow may only marry once her 7th child is a teenager
– Snow may never answer the door to strangers or talk to elderly women

And onto the chapter!

Snow title card

My name is Snow Enchantra. I’ve always loved fairy tales, and it just so happens I look like Snow White. My parents have always loved Disney films, and grew up watching Snow White, so I was named after her. I’ve always been a sucker for romance, so when the option to start a legacy came along, I was happy to accept.


This is my house, a small little place in Storybrook County. I figured this town would be a wonderful place to have my little princesses running around. After moving my stuff in I was left with as little as 75 simoleons. The first thing I do in my new home?


Watch TV… needless to say I was left unamused.

After a few hours I decided to get out and see the town, so I took a long walk to the festival.


It was empty, even the proprietor hadn’t appeared yet!


First greeting card photo of the legacy. I can’t wait to add to the collection when I have my children.

Soon after, I ran into Jana Worley, my first official friend.

Screenshot-5 Screenshot-7 Screenshot-6

We spoke for a while, I told her about the legacy, my family, everything. The first person who truly understood me without judging me and my family for naming me after a fictional character.

Not long after, some more people showed up. I soon introduced myself to Robert Giles, a sweet young fire-fighter.


We talked for a bit, before Robert had to go off to work.

Left to my own devices, I decided to try roller skating with Jana, a rather unsuccessful time. I came off the rink with bruises all down my legs where I’d fallen over numerous times. Probably not the best sport to do in a dress, but never mind.


The next day, I arranged to meet Robert at a nearby bar. For a while, I thought he wouldn’t show up, so played some foosball with some guy named Ross March. I never really got to know him, we was too interested in blocking the doorway flirting with his boyfriend.

Each to their own I guess.


Just as I was thinking he’d ditched me, Robert showed up, two hours late.

That didn’t stop us having a good time though.

Screenshot-17 Screenshot-16 Screenshot-15

He started flirting, and soon enough…


We had our first kiss! I was so excited, I was sure Robert was my prince charming and baby daddy. I could already hear the pitter patter of little feet running around my house.

Screenshot-18 Screenshot-21

After spending more time flirting and watching the stars, we headed into the bar for a few drinks and a snack. He had Hot Wings while I opted for Autumn Salad. You have to stay healthy even on a first date.

We sure hit it off, even passers by said we looked “so cute together”

Screenshot-23 Screenshot-22

Soon after, he called me upstairs to have some romantic photos taken. Needless to say, things got a bit heated.

I quickly shredded the evidence…

We said our goodbyes and good nights as the bar closed for the day. Both of us hadn’t realised it was almost 2am. I was exhausted.


And, quite rightly, curled up into bed.

That’s it for the first chapter. I hope everything’s okay, I’ve never written a blog like this before, nevermind told a Sims 3 story. Sorry if anything’s a bit… meh. See you guys all soon for the next one.